A Theory Of Anything

by Jorm

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The first truly progressive album by Jorm, released in april 1975. Its centerpiece is obviously the sidelong title track, spanning over 28 minutes and consisting of several subsections and thus it proved to be not only the first but also the lengthiest epic ever released by the band. It's obviously inspired by other conceptual prog rock pieces such as ELP's "Tarkus", Yes' "Close to the edge", Genesis' "Supper's ready" and Jethro Tull's "Thick as a brick". The cultural climate in Sweden at the time may have been a factor in the album not making it onto the charts, since musical self-indulgence (of which sidelong pieces surely was a token) was more of a curse rather than a blessing. Over the years though, it has gained cult status among progressive rock fans all over the world, and it showed the way of Jorm's succeeding direction for the next few years.


released April 25, 1975

Jonathan Andersson - lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
Christian Skogh - bass guitar, backing vocals
Stefan Holmér - lead guitar, backing vocals
Rickard Vakman - organ, Mellotron, piano, synthesizer
Billy Brunflo - drums, percussion



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Jorm Sweden

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Track Name: Cosmopolitan
She did encounter a flow
only to heed its current
She did enter the valley
only vacantly passing
It's easier that way

Changes coming with those who fail
Faux heat curbing pangaean rails
Injury lawyers seen on TV
Have you paid them too much lately?
Would you care if I shared the world with you?
(Share the world with anyone who's not intent to charge your will)

They won't act their vote and deny their oath
When he entered everyone would hear, listen and prick up their rears
Profane issues in leather tonight
Wet your beaks at O'Reallys
Share all your dailies there

She will remain on her side
though it's only a mental divide
She will ally with the most
Filtered flows conclude with a toast
here at O'Really's
No options here, just beer
Track Name: Maternity Frathouse
Now, you're quite upset by the emerging monthly red raves
And you, you shouldn't bite the hand that laid off your bewildered rose

Why so mad, why so intent on feeling scarred by a sour regard?
Those who listen, ain't it those keen on nail your soul to the crying wall?

No, we're not at war, we're not, and I don't plan to go out on one
Down those papers now, there's no such thing as contradictions

Why so mad, why so intense and feeling scarred by a sour regard?
Those who listen, ain't it those keen on nail your soul to the crying wall?

You can be revolting from your desk as long as you convince people that you're not

There, out in the street they all reside
Hailing to the bill, out of duty still and forgetting the wear
It's much too soon, it's only noon
And everybody call the rising of the walls
still forgetting the wear

Placards out of duty calling no names
What's in it for the dissident?
Let those out of luck apply to sweep the streets
when our march has set up another divide

Here, with shielding wands, soy-on-demand
The fuel is always there for streaming out to scare
the ones minding their own
Never so near as without wear
Screaming out the air that used to be their share
of means to be alive

Placards out of duty calling no names
What's in it for the dissident?
Let those out of luck apply to sweep the streets
when our march has set up another divide

Keeping with the times, keeping out of courtesy
Crying wolf at night
Trying to keep it real while out of touch for all the webs never really there

If there's war, then how come
each time I show my hands I'm shot down?
D'you even know my name?
Or am I just a frathouse number doomed to stand in your way?
Track Name: Newspeak

Mean is the new nice, once I was told I could always rely
New is the new old, certainly someone missed out on the flow

News peak supreme, newspeak in all you dream
Dreams have to die, although they're kept alive

Broke is the new whole, once in a vision reduced to a sham
Hate is the new love, wonder if she's ever done with that head
Rights are a stranger to anyone who's been wading through marks
Weak is the stronger, I can just float here and wait for the sharks

News peak supreme, newspeak in all you dream
Dreams have to die, frequently merrily


If my brain is a forest then you're the cocky guide
who's getting lost inside it, detouring on the ride
If I'm to be concealing, like in your squared old books
I can see your pretending why it has to be so

She makes me adore every flower
She makes me detest everything around
She makes me believe in the power of love
She's making me hate, wishing you were dead

But it's too late now to forget her
The damage, is done now
You can't unlearn to get to know one
In remorse, she makes me so

I wish I could go on without her
I wish she would stay away
The reason I doubt if my heart is true
She's making me so, she won't go

Newspeaking is a trust in the things that make you cry
It's peaking as you feel smart and guess the reason why
Going for the lowest common denominator
It's real in that it's unreal and coincide with porn


A little bit of luck
We can afford to suck, we can afford to fuck it up
A screening in progress while heading for regress
With morals of the cultural dogs
He found them good to cite within his poetry
They lent each other clothes but ended up alike still
Dreaming of the future, frightened of tomorrow
Your dreams are gonna die

The farther we stretch out, the louder we must shout
The farther we digress, the more we have to guess
And you and me and both can make it kinda grand finish
And dreams are gonna die

News peaking in the trust of all that's unconfirmed
Newspeaking is a trust in crushing all the crust again
She makes me doubt her mind as all she seemed to find is a wish to die
Track Name: A Theory Of Anything

Bread and butter, squinting shutters
Itching sun to glare the frosted sight
A fast approaching help with night
You're quite flash, an instant learner
Noone recognised the weekend's faith in keeping guard of narrow leans
Would you believe it, a theory of everything that watches over the roof, while lovers care for their script of youth?

Those who cared enough to lay off hands turned over in the corridor
I feel as though the skyline treaded dreams
Once I had on paper rain and shine could never contradict
The sun hours were trimmed into the night
Would you believe it if I'd be said to feel for you?
And would you believe a theory that'd sit you through?

The scenery was dimmed, the evening sun set in
Bathed in ginger light, the afternoon bell called us out
We walk the parklane down


Sunday strolling down the hallway
Lunch is free and so are you
I dare you to walk out at night where parklamps can't reach with their light
Instant coffee, make your mark now, I've got somewhere else to be
There's a certain brand of people for whom I got trees to trade

Ma and pa, can I stay out late on friday?
I promise to keep off all things unholy, I've read the news
And I'm sure they care for me and you

And the soft wielder of words fell into underground
Scheming his world for a quake within the parlour where they deal
Dealing with the thesis
Setting it to rhyme


When everyone quit buying, their film ended up on TV
One silent wish
The local band with agendas to write for the illiterates
Well cursed today!

They showed us the door as we weren't poor
The frontier gave up his strings to soar

The countryside piper from the valley took aim for the night city lights, turned myth to lore
But he soon learned the house ensembles could not quite handle the keys
No comprehension

They showed him the door
He cried for the poor
His gold couldn't buy him cultural faith

Stoned-er than a boulder


Well done, he climbed through the courses, the classes, the fundings, fought for the commonwealth
From the cap in hand to hand in the handshake
From looting to telling others to give

Bringing the people insight
Feeding the hands that would bite
Now he's the overlord
A trifle more equal than the rest

And his memoirs, highly recommended
There he rendered evil measures from within his honoured faculty

Nature at odds with the things that you've learned
Laying it down now, how to get to forbid
I think someone spent a bit too much time in the backyard padding her bruise with salt

Bringing the people insight
Feeding the hands that would bite
Now he's dropped dead from a fit in the queue of the ones he ruled

All of the workers were forced to assemble unwanted solutions while his children saved his po-mo poem and made a fortune of them on Ebay


And the church warden halts by the notes on the wall
"Why won't God heal amputees? Isn't it christmas, after all?"


The hero of the madman turned battle into bet of who could learn and listen and act upon his words
All your eastern heroes have finally found their own and ceased their cultural loathing and all their going green

Everywhere I go and anywhere I halt to capture
Anything that goes into the common field of rapture
Paint your woes, if needed with a twist, of what you endure

Though I like your manners I'll tell you what I think
I've learned my rights from banners, from the public canteen sink
For what my value's worth, it won't exceed your aim to lighten up the cretins and make them heed your claim

I have always heard I'm never happy at my TV
Though I never heard them sad and turning down the luxury
Answer while you're well and living on the social envy

Glad to find someone to chase no rainbow
But only those in right can pay for all your wrongdoings

You're so pneumatic now, and quite content with that
While in the hallway while encountering side-jawed simpletons, let loose
Still not the one I knew, still not among the few
Still hoping for the new to never cease its hollow impact, let loose
A rookie nookie noon story


Soon, with the mindless one, stumbling upon the flow
Not knowing where to go, so float along, you simpletons, let loose
Still not the one I knew, still not among the few
Still seeking to eschew what comes with film's end, love that truth will lend
A love that alter flows


Would you believe it, a theory that leaves you cold?
Or would you believe a world in which your love unfolds?

Yesterday is history, tomororow's to be solved
You washed your hands in honour of those whom you deprived

But gold is not an issue as long as you come clean
So please turn off that spotlight - your darkness ain't for real!