by Jorm

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By 1978 when prog rock in general was basically exterminated, Jorm soldiered on in the same grandiose but obsolent style as usual. This time the grand epic was the closing "Almost human", dealing with the withering of one's origins and thus effectively bookmarked the end of the band's progressive route. Well, apart from the brief "Hemmavid" which is the only song they ever sung in their native language, and which sort of marks a timely appendix well in tune with the late 70's surroundings. Another interesting nationalistic touch is the interpretation of Wilhelm Peterson-Berger's "Sommarsång" which works well within the context as an instrumental interlude. Interestingly, the band was approached in releasing "Before you pretend to agree" as a single, although in an abbreviated version in order to gain airplay. The band refused though, and once again the album remained in the backwater.


released October 1, 1978

Jonathan Andersson - lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
Christian Skogh - bass guitar, backing vocals
Stefan Holmér - lead guitar, backing vocals
Patrik Mårtensson - organ, Mellotron, piano, synthesizer
Allan Vith - drums, percussion



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Jorm Sweden

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Track Name: Before You Pretend To Agree
Speak out!
Now that we are here I want you to show
who you are, where you've been
all the things that you've seen prior to now
I didn't lay out all my issues of thought
just to hear you agree with a faint hum and turn to the others

And you may think I've got the worst of intents
Because it is dark and the only thing we share
is ale an Chardonnay
But I'm true now, I'm not after prey

So cease your doubting now
Clear the passage and let in
the things you never knew could be for real
Don't be frightened now
Truth is always at your hands
The only way to cope is to resign
So bear in mind how you feel
before you pretend to agree

So many things that are said without thought
How can we know what's real?
Never a thought of who will remember your lies

Talking never easy when you know it won't be taken seriously
And you wonder who'll turn it to slander
Did you ever get the notion I spared?
How hard should I try?
How could I know I'm right if you won't tell?

So now you taught me that the truth isn't worthy
Opression is freedom and war is peace
Oh no, you won't be fooling me
It's not right just because you all agree
Track Name: Transatlantics
The reason is a tower in the distance
Aligning with a sky of no resistance
The dreamer had a meeting with the science
Not to leave her bed, woe the ones who stand
Noone thanks the one who lets go

The writer drew a twig he couldn't bend
He threw his lover meanings to repent
The sequel of the morning cut his diet
Woe the dreamer's hand
Paper in the sand rinsed out to the endless ocean

The answers of the troubadours are deafening
They're laughing all the way throughout the ruining
Meanwhile a farmer doubled all his growing
Cosmopolitan, transatlantic son
Grounded for aiming up and forth

A wired frog is obliged to derail trains

He says "You're what you eat" - a vegetable, a fruit
Like all the lot, likely to rot
The furniture is cheap
You seem to like it dearly
Wooden germs, by night you learn about the terms
Better being first in here than second in Taipei
New morn in sight awash in light

We just want to submit some air upon the sea
Transmitting through the eastern moon
The fembots of the north are siegeing towers for the household needs, a soft defeat where warmth is heat
And with a mind that big to fit a crack that thick you'll see no light, commence the fight

It's lonely up there on top of the sphere
A dreamer can wake up when forced to sleep on hold
Eagle, you're dead now, go sulking in the corner
while noone tonight will tell you who you are

Dim aquarelle for a sharp line of the black lead
The wood you are after is certainly no pen
You should be careful for whom you act your smiling
For noone that knows me would tell me who I am

The writer forgot to outline the powers
The city craved a heathen for the towers
And suddenly the dream bridged the distance
Track Name: Fiona Seasonia
Don't let me go if you find me alone
Tricked on the shot to make a good first impression
You are by no means the first one to leave
before even coming to behold a fool's pining again

When you approach all the things you were planning
Down in the coach you are sorted, just be there
How long since I've been adoring in silence
Don't let the spring turn into summer of absence

Seasons are changing in pace with remembering
Tunes I've been working on and tunes I have heard
The earliest morning wouldn't keep me away
We're parting tomorrow so capture today
Wearing out this ground
I've been waiting to be bound for a season here with you
And I do, though it's not shining through

Sharing common files
Quite a reason for to try to maintain the wired line in between
Hear me out now tonight

Frightened of all that could fail and backfire
Caution is ever so remote to success
Months from a deep freeze by thaw into springtime
Always in bloom you stayed a flower preserved

Seasons are changing in pace with remembering
Songs I've been working on and ones that I've heard
The earliest morning wouldn't keep me away
We're parting tomorrow so capture today
We've yet to clear out all the differences and likes
How long I've longed for this day
But still I am held on delay
Track Name: Suntower
Daily is the shrink of walls around us
Lately it's been clear we've rised above them
Though it's said that the good things will eventually end
What will end must be followed
And the sun never sets, we're just in motion

If there's walls we are the builders
Likewise for each wall there is a world
to discover and praise
Let no road be too long to discover and travel
This one sun never sets, it's on the move

Five to twelve till the path ahead is entered
Woods behind and a meadow promising nothing
Rising steep upwards a hill at the horizon
where the earth meets the sky
There's a tower meant to be built

Baby, lay down on this hill beside me
Lately it's been trying to set us free
When the night falleth over and tomorrow arrives
You will see that it's only a subsequence of moments never ended

Five past twelve and the path ahead is entered
Woods behind though a new one suddenly rendered
Realize the hill we dwell upon is here for climbing
toward the sun that when reached will never set

Light of the morning at the top of the tower on top of the hill
While you are waiting for the day, is your dawning like mine in the spring?
Light of the evening as we make it our own by the age of mankind
While you are shining, will you shine through the rays of the whole universe?

Light of the skyline, it will never go out as it's watched by all
Nothing's consistent, any day of the past is a different one
This is no different, let go off the glance on the watch on your arm
There is a future, a realm that nobody ever will reach

So you may think it's the end, never more
and the moon is a sign of no return
Would you believe that its light is the sun
and a sign that tomorrow is already here?
Will you help to assemble the tower?
Will you help to discover the path?
Will you help to exchange with the forest?
Will you help to extend our world?
Track Name: Integer Domain
One to five, ninety-nine to hundred
Block of sums of infinite numbers
Thoughts unique, reoccuring counts in charge

Ages gone since a first commenced
adding upp in line for the heaven sent
Floating point for the powered plant
scetching arithmetics on your hand

Integer caught in binary domains
You're at best a remain
Equal in worth for as long as you're in
Not a waste for the bin
In a universe derived from a point of no divide
will a sequence freely align
Do mind your value, it's more than zero
and a goal on its own

The foilage outside the room where the scholar adds rhyming to the thesis
announced that the spring arrived and cut his hour short
He would cash in on the fringe if he managed to land the algoritm
where all adds where equal, a part of the sum

And when it's time to shuffle blues and reds
the purple turns to grey and one to none

You're just a number
One to million chances to hit off
A floating point in a universal zero

You turned to the TV screen
to confirm what the unioned scholar said
"The more, we are mightier, you're nothing worth alone"
Then turned to your learning books
spared from days when you learned the calculus
to check for exceptions from logical design

And when he felt his thoughts of spring outside
he thought of feelings clustered in a grid

We're only numbers of whose sums align at origo
And while inside it's a meta-measured venture

Leaves, come green, contribute to big bang
Leaves, come clean, set your minds to green
Make like trees and leave by the autumn's call

Thank the sum for being what you strived for
Digits run, overflowed by candor
Scholars flunk everytime they spot the frame

So long now since they first agreed
on behalf of you all that we'll never exceed
the boundaries where individual gains
tend to show who's our man and who's free

Integer caught in binary domains
You're at best a remain
Equal in worth for as long as you're in
Don't apply to the sin
But the mode is that your ass
can't be saved by good intents
or a Zenith of no sense
We do mind your worth
if it's one or zero
and a mean for a goal
Track Name: Veritas
Wandering sole on a casual aisle between the myths and the reason
How to be sure it is not ignored while words can reign only when heard and well received?

Well at the hands for anyone to perceive
Shunned by the thinkers who set out to deceive
Few can attest it as the notice can set them free

Good where the deeds by the shallow plot
Strange how they knew what I wanted
Down at the foot of the giant hill, I knew up there that I would find it, though not for free

Well at the hands for anyone to perceive
Shunned by believers who set out to deceive
Few can attest it as the notice can set them free

When reason precede the choice of conviction
When people will unify on terms of veritas
When paths are joined instead of dividing
When guards and frontiers dissolve in the light
Then shall we reach for the height

When deeds that urge a free soul to sacrify will never more be perceived as an option
When numbers won't rule and delusion won't advocate
When noone cares for the drift to be mastering
Then shall we set to be free

When words are just words and assault not an answer
When force and compulsion won't make any difference
When all can concieve of all things that can be
When all can be certain of how precious our life
When everyone work their wits

When apt misconceptions will cease to be taught
When noone ever will impose their belief
When everyone can steer clear from the fiction
When creeds that freedom is conditioned are gone
Then all can see what applies to all others falls back upon us, and thus we must care for our veritas
Track Name: Almost Human

When the night gets around
Dim goes the focus by the mobster
Recent holes barely filled in
Yet the crayon sheds its colours
Soon, with a flick of emotion in charge
someone eroded to notes in a failed old essay

Once they have told you whatever your horrors
- unelaborated years to come -
you are set to maintain your street
and in turn the redemption fades
So the streets circle round and round
Lead you back to the same old ground

Tell me, what do I do now?
Reap the future from the nurture
Gradually moving farther
from the circuit, to the outskirts
Once they had told me the film was worth seeing
I made a vow not to ever inquire in their fate



Emerged to change the world
Complicating the real and unreal
My bread is cold and hard enough to nuke
As your retained soul
Let us share our common prefaded goal
Now we can't render the fences low

So now the reject of wealth is high
and grade is at hand when telling why
You don't have to act, I'm just like you - an ego-struck disgrace

Just a while ago they'd be worried
if the words of fight shedded glory
You talk about how nothing's changing
We are on preparation
for a world of greater inventions
You talk aloud how all is changing fast

So we shouldn't care for any deed
And we shouldn't hope to even breed
You don't even like me so wipe that drivelling smile off of your face

Tell me, What is a nice young girl like you doing in a world like this?


The air ain't free, it's just pre-hired
The closer my picture, the farther your vibe
Whatever granted, they got the power
to take it away, spending us to the tribe

A final attempt (for the hundredth time)
to set the tiling to a glistening palette
They had it made and thus won't care for
the offer disguised as a dream

I saw the sketch, they missed the entrance
For once I'd hope for a thorough voyage
The station's wide to capture freeriders
The rail's as though in eternal rebuild

Reason matter, feelings shatter
Prove me wrong and I'll show you my heart
But is there place in a world so uptight
for human sincerity?

I'm done here, leave the lights on
They might think we're on call
Don't answer, they won't listen
Undress and make'em stare

You fear the black and white world
But I'll show you it's only grey
Grey people, grey ambitions
Grey ideals, easy prey

(I fear you, I don't believe you, I'm not grey, my blog is red)

Call for the underground
Wince when declined for any loon

Don't you hang up on the one
with whom you'll reveal how all is in tune


So, now they have told us the film was worth seeing
Poorly recited as shelved fantasies of our minds
(And how d'you think that feels?)

Damn you all readers for making me nauseous!
Making all my words a tool of war
Can I say this on terms with you?
Can you listen on terms with me?
Never more approaching the end they were teaching us to shun
We reach a conclusion
A final solution, all is one
Track Name: Hemmavid
Jag vill förgås i en brand
så länge allt och alla häromkring stryker med
Då vet jag var vi hör hemma
Jag vill sluta i ett ras av bråte, trä, betong
En gång det hus där vi levde i tron att vi var hemma

Där kan jag sluta mitt skal
när natten väcker känslan av att alla är ute
Strålar samman på en buss
Där kan jag skriva en sång hon inte kommer tro på om hon hör den
för alla runtomkring som skjuter rygg

Som hemma där dom står, där dom pratar högt
Vi låtsas väl förstå allt ifall nån hör
Men aldrig har hemmet känts så avsides som när alla vände om
Och där ute nånstans, i ett Hem För Dig, sitter hon och anar nästan ingenting
Samtidigt, går någon runt och undrar var hon tänt sina eldar

Då så, en brand måste till för envar att bli invigd
När alla vi är aska lär ni se att vi är ett
Så låt mig hålla din hand när staden rämnar runt oss
Jag vet att vi hör ihop, dock kanske inte här och kanske inte nu