Jorm Is A World

by Jorm

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The third album showed Jorm settling down in the symphonic prog territory, despite being defiantly released during the heyday of punk and new wave. The 18-minute epic "A room with a view" paved the way for a string of songs that were no less ambitious in form or stature. The lyrics of songs like "Skyline" and "Turn of the lake" were even sort of manifestos of this self-indulgence, and on the tail end of the album we get a piece of a World War II myth in "Fog on the shore". None of this helped this mastodont of an album to widespread success upon its release, but like all of Jorm's albums it remains a cult classic among prog rock fans.


released July 4, 1977

Jonathan Andersson - lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
Christian Skogh - bass guitar, backing vocals
Stefan Holmér - lead guitar, backing vocals
Rickard Vakman - organ, Mellotron, piano, synthesizer
Allan Vith - drums, percussion



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Jorm Sweden

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Track Name: A Room With A View

The sky is falling down, turning tides for none to see
There is no other side to besiege and watch them flee
The prophecy in hand in its universal aim
When everyone is gone, who will stand and take the blame?

For just one moment of secret held revolving schemes
It's clear within the view of enlightened mind esteem
The silent master rears every time a fate is born
And over yonder some alive and well and mourning the refugee
Held down by commonly prized feet
Marching the pace but still out of trace
Convinced to preserve the haze

Down with the rain, was it someone there
To oversee creation at the drawing secretaire
Had the trees not been to manifest arrival
Of allurement sin despair
Get on with the leaves and take away the reason
Why the time would let us stay
Raise an eye or keep descend into belief

Once all the threads were drawn
Up to the distant dawn
Rising needs to hand over strength to discover
a view upon the earthbound seeds of life
Stired the eyes into the sky
Made all visions glow and thrive


Marooned upon the earth with a fretful discontent
Pursuing images of a leader heaven sent
All wrongdoings of man lie within the circumstance
His mighty plan assigned through his fathomless design

Yet everyone in need, who fell over in proceed
To raise a light on all that was still to be concieved
They sorely hated fear, and they hated fear too much
To let it seek revenge on their cleansing matter

Down on earth the wills would cost high numbers lost
when the myth ascend off hand
For each one for whom the master brings the storm
one quest for truth and love is gone

Wait till the morning comes, leaving you all alone
Tied down in dreams of a room with views of creation
All we can rely on is at hand
If we never reach that high
Time to give our sense a try


Once in the way of the altar that blames
Fragile wit, absent patience
in a world denied its views
The truce is called off as the fire is reaching out
for the unblessed mind of doubt

Frauds so serene in the drafts so sublime
By the guards of denial flames have never reached so high
Faith in bloodshed are prevailed in the dust you preach
Divine measures out of reach

World in fire reaching out
for the unblessed mind of doubt


The ones within belief getting used to fear their act
The reasoning is high, way beyond all chance to grasp
When finally it's done and the seas all have been drained
Then all the gates of doom will be slamming shut

First in the name of proceeding
Making history and feeding minds
An age of raping life
Then in deep regret all meaning has been thrown into a being of good intent
If the saviours would descend from higher ground
They sure won't let us stay
We got earth to dwell though persisting a tale

Hell fires don't care for pleas
Smoke rising high in the skyline
Shrinking our eyesight, evoking our worst fright
Led to make believe in high ideals
before the take on human deals
It's found within these walls of fears
Noone's certain for how long
People can be reckoned strong
After all the fates are down to one and all
Track Name: An Earful Of Sins, A Mindful Of Shame
Humming along to the frontpage news
A cupful of coffe and a morning blues
The sun was to rise about an hour ago
I thought the day had flown
An earful of hatred, an earful of crime, a dayful of memories of where it's at
At dawn of election they cry and remember
And then it's back to work

The pipes caress my ears
Sooth my heart with tears
Sweeten sights of home
Want my soul to moan

Rise or fall, there’s no between to choose
Without success you’re gonna lose
To earn your ways to dwell upon the hometown
They tend to catch you, pants down
An earful of hate, an earful of rate, an earful of rules that separate
With the risk of being shut out from
The airborn myths they rest upon

Seeping the flow and trying to catch the myth
The cry for money, fame and fortune by the writ
Seek the sun that’s sliding down the noon
Of ageing fashions waiting just to catch your gloom

An earful of things everyone will talk about
A mouthful of things noone ever sat throughout
A mindful of things we would give our lives to shout
A crowdful of biaS for whom to claim the fault

The pipe caress my ears
Sooth my heart with tears
Sweeten sights of home
Want my soul to moan

The tutors are out there for all newborn hybreeds
Waiting to cash in by the fear
The harder we try, the farther the roots
The mindless crowd prevails
A week of knowledge, minority wishes
The truth of the past is now a sham
It's easy to preach your ideal for justice
while in the state of choice
Track Name: Aeons Of Silence
Just a flash for a moment passed
One mind emerged from a dual sense of hope and faith
If you're not there to hear, nonetheless words did rear

For an eye detatched by fear that seas would dry
And in visions of worlds denying, it's not easy to clear out the reasons so dreary

Lowering the hopes
Dreams are getting old
Stories remain untold
So many times when words run out in desperate shouting

When the aeons of silence turn upon us all
That's the time when we'd hear them out, the ones for whom the visions broke
When the rites of diversion cease to call for battle
No sooner can the means unfold and pens weigh out the sword

Did you wave? Did you crave?
Have you ever felt desire to reform these inner feelings on the fields of mutual value?
Cries are best when in need for solace
Unfold understanding, show me dreams, show everything

When the worth of a writ lies in the ink, no more, how can I take her wink for real?
Had the jester been down with the truth, who would listen?
As the claim for an answer lies within a million minds, beheld by heralded dooms
If there's noone to read, good intents won't reveal

For thousands of years, with the same kind of fears, we strived for putting our stories to behold
But still the words are there for none to hear

Did you see? Did you feel?
Have you ever felt desire to reform these inner feelings on the fields of mutual value?
Cries are best when in need for solace
Unfold understanding, show me dreams, show everything

When the aeons of silence turn upon us all
That's the time when we'd hear them out, the ones for whom the visions broke
When the wits of compassion call, that's when we realise the intents are lying in me and the meanings lie in you
Track Name: Skyline
Skyline in the evening
Every rooftop is revealing
In the ginger light of sun
Everyone will run from to be outshun

Narrowing horizon for each monolithic rising
Marking places never seen for people never keen to live out their dream

Skyline all surrounding
Strives for equalizing all within the hegde around
Restore the human bound, temporarily found

Nothing is persistent in this world they are insisting is the place to be when in need of being free
I'd say: As if!

Skyline in reflection of all kinds of fake perfection
All the patience of the sun watching all the guns has no pendant here

So, we think we're something
Maybe time for reassembling all the bridges and towers
Make the evening glow throught the skyline show
Track Name: Königsberg Wailers (The Topology Of Absence)
When ageing was a sin and the glass half-full to the brim
When visions were so high and so much time to fly
It's time to leave the town and the bridge is a book of the times
Her face, in all its grace
and the shape of things to come
But it showed all too well she had a prudish manner

There's no revolution that's not inherited from elders
When you're gone you'll come back here in time
Everywhere I look I see reluctance
Every brick they know are finite to their books
There's so much to know, it'll take an aeon
And yet they stick to words to squeeze into their lives
Freedom, peace and stuff
How nice of you you care

Reality will bite but if you never try
you'll never find how much the truth is in there
Much easier to sing one another's song
We all agree upon the shallow rights
But how many see the ground it's built upon?
They know what's wrong
The boat will slide along

I'm jumping off and baby, I dare you too
Will you change or will you conclude?
Your words can tell but never will they change the spell
The fight is on but all they do is yelling
The readers know but if they don't apply
they'll stand and fall in fear and ever wonder why

The winners write, the losers read
(They win the history - They lose their dignity)
Are there any cries to heed?
I'm looking for wherever all the warriors gone
Who believed in fighting all wrong
but will you ever endure?


Hail your heroes and your old time roots
Bona fide old fools, did you get your change?

Steal your heroes from your old time books
Bona fide old kooks, did you get your way?

Drop your heroes and your old time ghouls
Bona fide old fools, never get your change

Feed your heroes with your old time rules
Bona fide old fools, will you ever change?

Seed your heroes from your old time soil
Bona fide old spoiling of future change

Rape your heroes in the old night time
Bona fide old crime to interpret wrong

Heed your heroes and their old time calls
Bona fide old walls which you'll never break

Feel your heroes in you own divine
bona fide old mind in your quest for change

Call on heroes if you're in distress
Bona fide old mess where noone will change

Wake your heroes in the morning light
Bona fide old fight for a way to change

Kill your heroes when the deed is done
Underneath the sun noone ever will change
Track Name: Turn Of The Lake

Down with the thundery storm of the ancient flight from the present
And dropped through the crown of the trees
Drift all among rivulets in the quest for a lake to be merged
And brought into shape of the norm
Here, submerged in the deep
Clear to hear, an occasional weep
Waiting to see the chrystallized sunlight beam down
Turn of the lake has begun

Fight for a rise in the shadow the pines are effectively casting
To make sure there's no need for a change
Steam from a noon glowing clearly and shaping the clouds of the skyline
Trading water to fish and a bread
Watch them raindrops high, vaporize into the sky
Now is a time to be learning the lakes and the seas and the oceans
Can be turned to a river as well
"Stay and remain" says the lake
"They bring the fish and they know how to bake"
"Merge into one another to fight the sunlight beaming down"
"Turn of the lake has begun"
"You will remain water and therefore caught on the run"

By the riverside, catch the season tide
Rush down valleys of dreams
See you there, let the rain keep level
With mortal needs by the fields
(Down in the well we can dwell as long the river's dry)
(No drop will exceed our cup by stiring out its path outside the common well)

Clearly, down in the well, holding everything that we need
No use heaping up with tears
Scorn by the stories of fret pouring in, pouring out dirty water
Evoking essential fears

By the riverside, exchanging by the tide
Through the valleys of dreams
See you there, yes I know you well
Noone is bound to the fields
Noone is bound to the fields

Glaciers of ages gone, but not forgotten, risen high
Where mother earth and father sky reach, risen high
A site of eternal envy and fear
Not even the thunder comes near
By vapour, rain and snow, I'll see you there


Just by the motion the dust and the gravel reform on the bank
Leaving tide of the moon to surrender
One is the particle leaving a trace of a cup running over
Caring not for the range of the banks
Once a raindrop high, falling off a dense grey sky
Now is a time to be learning the lakes and the seas and the oceans
Can be turned to a river as well
Among a multitude of skyline refugees
A certain handful won't make difference in the leads
Try or spend the life a reflected lie of the sun
Turn of the lake has begun
You will remain water, even if well on the run

Clearly, down in the lake, holding everything that we need
A hearth of eternal exchange
Full circle balancing out common urge to request for escaping
Preserves what is left of the lake
Track Name: Pinetree Romance
I hear the masters are calling
They want you under their hands
No fear while you are resting
And trade all your gold for sand

Tired eyes see revelations
unveiled to moral dismay
Loud bells, sirens alarming
whenever the lights turn wrong

Pinetree scenery - Penitentiary

Hands on the blanket when lying
and dream forth the realm of your dreams
Whipped, chained, forced and deceived
Silent opression rears

Fool's mind granted with fear
Bribed with wave of the flag
Lakeside views always soften
whenever the souls need guidance

Pinetree scenery

Injected blood, much thinner than the water
Anything to keep the distance off
How it must hurt standing aside watching
People getting off unbound of runes

I hear it well, the wind plays in the foilage
I too hear bugles deafening out the strings
Off-key and tensed beyond audible trembling
Fist clenched in the pockets all the while

The ancient hoax that when we talk, they listen
keeps the banners high in days of May
As if outside the club of mutual envy
the pines and might approval could retain our face

Do your best, if you dare
Watch it though, people can see!
Midland retreat at the shoreline
Shoreland retreat at sea

Knights with intents clear as snow
when sympathies pouring out
Loud cries for the inferiors
when soothing out our conciense

Pinetree scenery
Keep us thinking we are free
Track Name: Fog On The Shore
Wartime, early morning, and the Eldridge hit the waves
In quest for exploring if the cloak would wipe it out from the radar

Massive loads of highly magnetic equipment
to evolve a field of supercharging mirage
Commencing en route the switch of generators
Every man on board, make sure to show who's at the edge

Turn off your lanterns
And keep low, don't answer no questions
Get off the records
If we fail, this never was happening

There will be fog on the shore tonight
Who knows who will be there to watch and mistrust their eyes
Though unlikely, good ol' Albert's at our backs
and covering with theories of unified fields

Green haze emerging
Clutching in the sight of the Eldridge
High chief commanders
Watched in fear and maze on the void left

(green haze all around, covering all of the ship, nothing left to see, how can we retrieve it?)

No stir on the surface, only water, dark and wide
Seems like it went too well, since we can't locate our men, not a trace

No detection on the radar screen
No perceiving whatsoever, we were much too clever
Cease the power, call off everything
This has to be reworked, it's not our brains we want deceived

So, all fields turned off
And the ship reformed on the water
Off went the crewmen
All replaced to alter the rainbow

(turn it off, it's back, we must get back to work, the Philly project Rainbow is too great to abort now)

One week onward and we'll try this once more
All that malfunctioned should be solved out by now

On with the trimmed generators offshore
Once again dimmed out by green haze galore

A faint outline remained where they started
Barely seen at all, and then they parted
A flash of blue whiped out their being
Noone thought what they were seeing
Broke all the boundries known to man to date

Reappearing quite remote afar
Then by some undefined theory on quantum level
disappearing and returning home
Bringing with it crewmen, unexplainably diseased

Some turned out crazy
Noone did come out as before
Some strangely fused
to the hull, defying all logic

(gather the survivors, is there noone left sane? what are all these weldings? are we down with mystical powers?)

Noone could explain the scenery
The dark old sea still carrying a secret held so openly
Should the fog dismantle once, the state of truth is nigh